Mascots and Community

George Mason University's Gunston mascot w/ kidsWhere does community spontaneously happen?

Where do we bump shoulders with strangers?

Where do we just get silly!

When we’re in the presence of a mascot, that’s where!

Where mascots are, community emerges, people gather.

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It doesn’t take great talent, superior intellect or an educated eye to joke, to have fun and to pass the time of day in the presence of a mascot. When a mascot is around we have a reason to connect.

A mascot is the perfect, goofy and generous host.

While we may think a mascot is merely a marketing tool, really, a mascot is a hand extended in community.

Organizations that put in the long hours of imaginative, strategic planning, design collaboration and dollars into a mascot program is really holding out their hand in joy, trust and community.

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