BIG, BIG, Parade Puppets

BIG, Parade PuppetsThey’re big, they’re beautiful and they’re  boisterous! They’re Giant (12 feet tall) Parade Puppets. They add pizzazz to parades and community gatherings.

We first made parade puppets for the 500 Festival Parade in Indianapolis. They make appearances every year at a parade in Philly, showed up in a Honda commercial and were most recently paired for the Pride Parade, along with the wearable, 3 tied wedding cake!

How they work

The interior structure is attached to Kelty back pack frames. The weight of the puppet rests on the performer’s hips. The shoulder straps balance the the puppet on the performer.

The Parade Puppets are made with nylon mesh – air passes through them. They don’t become sails should there be a gust of wind.

The puppet performer manipulates the arms & hands with rods, attached to the hands.

The puppets are loads of fun for the performer. They interact with those attending the event or watching & cheering as the parade passe by.

….and my oh my, can those puppets move! they run, they twirl and they blow kisses!

Rent the Parade Puppets for your next BIG THING!

$250/day plus shipping

A very, very, short, Parade Puppet movie!

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