How to Make a Mascot – Mascot Ingredients

Muscle mascot arm -LauraMany elements come together in the making of a mascot. These are some of the mascot ingredients: 


Tasha&eyeTo make a mascot, there are the sculptors, who gives shape to the head, the patternmakers
who make pattterns for big, big muscles – or wonderfully round bellies. There are the mascot shoe makers and there are the stitchers who sew everything together on a vast array of industrials machines.

….but before the sculptors sculpt and the stitchersIMG_1017 stitch, the designer has to design so we all know what the new mascot will look like.

…and before the designer can design, the client has an idea, a concept, a notion, a strategy for the mascot and the possibilities of the mascot program.

We have gathered a group of people, we call our Lovely Collaborators. They are the ingredients that give the mascot spice!

Patriot_rev._2-20-08#3F9E86The guy I talk to almost everyday is Tom Sapp,Cav - Sir CC of Real Characters. We connected when he designed and we produced the Patriot for George Mason University. Since then we’ve worked together on Sir C.C, the Cleveland Cavalier, Max the
Monarch, Wally Wabash and a Kangaroo for DISH. Right now we’re making a Pink Gorilla and a big muscular Bear – both Tom’s designs.

When TiVo needs an interior structure and when a bear’s eyes need to lightTiVo mascot - inner structure up, we call David Orr of Sapphire Theater. He always comes up with an elegant, light-weight solution. (to the right is David w/ the inner structure of TiVo mascots. The trick with TiVo is the antennae have to come off easily for shipping —and go back on easily for appearances).

Sometimes, clients need help concieving the mascot and putting together a coherent, successful mascot program. A program that will brings them students, customers, fans. That’s when we suggest the Mascot Doctor, DavePhanatic Raymond. He’s the guy who walked the walk and perfected the wiggle as the original Phillie Phanatic. He works with you on a mascot program and performers. If your program is broken he’ll work with you to fix it. If it’s just starting he and his crew will work with you on conception and implementation.

Yes, we are the mascot makers extraorinaire…and we can be that because we have the Mascot ingredients and The Lovely Collaborators!!!

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