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roche:venezueladiabetescampWhen you have a mascot you love, one that you are proud of, you will find you also have a mascot that can go anywhere. It is your community, goodwill representative.

I just met with a big, big company. They have a good looking mascot, but it’s showing it’s age. They want to update their mascot. They use the mascot a few times a year. It’s a sweet mascot. They have taken good care of their mascot. In the past, it served them well.

However, right now, they like their mascot, but they don’t love their mascot.

The company raises bunches of money for the local children’s hospital. They are involved in many different ways in local and worldwide communities. Schools, backpack programs, food banks are just a tiny sampling of their charitable interests. These are all places where a mascot’s presence highlights the good works of the do-good organizations and acts as an inspiring example of corporate responsibility and integrity.

Our goal, at AvantGarb,GMU's Gunston mascot w/ kids is to make mascots that companies, teams and schools love. When a mascot is loved, when the group the mascot represents is proud of the mascot, they send the mascot everywhere.

When a mascot goes everywhere, the company has much more than a mascot. They have a mascot program. Then they have a mascot strategic marketing campaign. They have a mascot that makes a difference.

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