Everyone has a selfie with a branded, custom mascot

We all take selfies

We take selfie w/ friends and selfies with family. We also take selfies with iconic places like…

the Statue of Liberty,

the Eiffel Tower,

the Grand Canyon

& the Parthenon

…and we take selfies with branded, custom mascots.

We take selfies with people, places & things that we like. Our selfies become part of the family & friends memory. They get momentum in the the social media universe.

When we take selfies with mascots, that’s a pretty compelling form of marketing. The mascot becomes part of the the lore people share with family and friends.

Taking selfie with mascots is, indeed, a thing. It’s also one of the reasons mascots are such fabulous marketing ambassadors!

Selfies with mascots is a unique coming together of customer & brand. The mascots have become part of the family. One of the friends.

Send us your selfies w/ a mascot!

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