Everyone has a selfie with a branded, custom mascot

We all take selfies

We take selfie w/ friends and selfies with family. We also take selfies with iconic places like…

the Statue of Liberty,

…and we take selfies with branded, custom mascots.

We take selfies with people, places & things that we like. Our selfies become part of the family & friends memory. They get momentum in the the social media universe.

When we take selfies with mascots, that’s a pretty compelling form of marketing. The mascot becomes part of the the lore people share with family and friends.

Taking selfie with mascots is, indeed, a thing. It’s also one of the reasons mascots are such fabulous marketing ambassadors!

Selfies with mascots is a unique coming together of customer & brand. The mascots have become part of the family. One of the friends.

Send us your selfies w/ a mascot!

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