Bennie the Bean – Finishing a Mascot


Bennie the Bean!

There have been many generations of Bennie the Bean, the mascot for the Indiana Soybean Alliance. This is the latest one.

The curve of the smile on the Bean has been perfected.  The big, big hat is finished. Here’s a photo of Annie in the hat:

Annie in a Bennie the Bean’s hat.

The Bean’s shoes are finished and they are the most stylish shoes ever seen on a Soy Bean!

Bennie’s shoes

Quote buttonWe make patterns for every single part of a mascot in our studio. The pattern for Bennie’s shoes is one of the most interesting patterns I’ve ever seen – it’s one piece and it works because of the curves and darts – only 2 darts! Matt is our mascot shoe guy – he’s also one of the mascot milliners (hat-makers).

Rob and Gabe, of Alley Woodworks in Texas, have sent the eyes and they have been painted. The eyelid is secured and stitched.

Bennie the Bean & Matt

…and here’s Bennie the BeanBennie the Bean - IN Soybean Alliance


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