The Mascot Studio


We’re into BIG – we’re always crafting BIG bodies, BIG shoes, big heads and BIG hats ….and we use lots of colors!

There are lots of industrial sewing machines, one heavy-duty treadle machine, called a “glover” and a1960’s era Bernina home sewing machine.20150114_094938

We have rolls and rolls fuzz & fabric, wobbly piles of foam, gobs of glitz, grosses of jumbo whopper poppers (the really big, strong snaps – and yes, that’s the real name for them!) and spools and spools of threads,

Our mascot studio is located in the very cool Stutz Building in Downtown Indianapolis, our studio has loads of light and plenty of room. It houses all the fuzz, foam, fabric, feathers and fleece, the stuff we need to make the mascot magic happen!

BigbellyAnneIf you’re in town (living here or visiting), swing on by to feel some fuzz or shoot the breeze!  We’d love to show you the the Avant Garb creative mojo in action.

Give a call 800/636-9562 or shoot us an email

Mascot Studio thru Anne's eyes



The drawing of the studio is by Anne Dougans, the studio manager. That’s her, Matt Helfrich and Mike Runge standing on the worktable. That’s me, Jennifer Smith – the Queen of Fuzz, with the roll of fabric.

….and the Fish, one of our Rentables on the mannequin.

Jennifer Q Smith – Queen of Fuzz

©Jennifer Smith 2017