Mascot Case Study: H.K NUGGET

It’s a Pretzel Nugget mascot for H.K. Anderson. We designed it & built it. The Nugget jogged, stopped at a café & met bunches of people in D.C.

H.K. Anderson Pretzels have some really tasty pretzel nuggets that are filled with peanut butter or chocolate. They are tasty, tasty, tasty.Quote button

We know they’re tasty because we ate many of them while we were sewing & sculpting the pretzel nugget mascot.

H.K. Anderson wanted to have a mascot representing the Pretzel Nugget to go out and meet people all over the United States. H.K. has logged thousands of miles since the first appearance in Washington D.C. for National Pretzel Day – April 26th.


H.K. Anderson came to us to design and produce their mascot. Pam Fraizer, one of our designers worked closely with the Pretzel People. Once the design had been tweaked, we started construction of the mascot

We dyed the fabric, designed pretzel nugget patterns, sculpted the nugget shape, made the salt pieces & stitched them onto the fabric, painted the eyes, made the teeth, got the smile just right —-& made those really great shoes.

Wow! Whadda Pretzel!!!!

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©Jennifer Smith 2011