JINX & JAWZ on the Zipline

Jinx Jaguar IUPUIJawz Jaguar IUPUI

Case Study: Jinx & Jawz

A short history of Jinx and Jawz, IUPUI‘s mascots.

First there was Jinx, a nice, round, friendly Jaguar. Jinx was good with community relations, but Jinx didn’t have the game-face and muscular body that the athletic people wanted for their mascot. We got a call.

IUPUI wanted to add to the mascot mix. They wanted to keep keep Jinx as their

Jawz Jaguar UPUI mascotfriendly, community mascot. They also wanted a more aggressive, game face mascot for that more closely matched their logo.

Jinx was several years old. The marketing people at IUPUI wanted Jinx to be updated.

Changing the look of a beloved mascot can be tricky. Jinx did need a little more character and expression. We made a few changes, to the expression, added a few teeth, put on some fun whisker, widened the snout and gave Jinx a fashion make-over.

The mascot looks better, but it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what has changed. It’s as though the mascot has gone to the spa—fans aren’t sure what is different, they just notice a bit more bounce in the step.

The Athletics people have a couple of Jawz mascots. Campus relations have a couple of sets. They use them almost everyday to greet future students, for alumni functions and community events. One of those community events was the:

2012 Superbowl in Indianapolis when Jinx & Jawz Jaguars zipped across town on the zipline.

Jinx and Jawz are popular characters on the campus and in the larger community