Shelly the Oyster Mascot

An Oyster with Legs


The only bumper sticker I’ve ever had on my car was, “Eat fish Live Longer/Eat Oysters Love Longer”.

I have a long & passionate relationship with Oysters.


I had my first raw oyster in Baltimore, with my aunt, when I was about 7.

As a student at  Maryland Istitute of Art, I snuck away from art classes to slurp down oysters and a National Beer at Baltimore’s Lexington Market.

….so, when the Oyster Recovery Partnership got in touch with AvantGarb, wanting an oyster mascot, I was over the moon!

It turns out, the hardest part in making an oyster is figuring out what color the oyster is. Is it grey? pinkish? taupe? ochre? is there a tinge of blue? a hint of purple?

The answer is all of the above.

IMG_0649Those little swatches of fabric on the left are only a fraction of the dye samples we made. The Oyster
Recovery people helped us narrow the choice down. Shelly is a blue-ish grey.


…and Shelly has some fabulous seaweed hair.

Shelly promotes good-living in a healthy habitat for oysters.

Shelly is an oyster with personality, style and pizazz and a big-heart for oysters!

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