Custom Mascot Design


Idea to design

Sometimes our client already has a wonderful custom mascot design, sometimes we are duplicating an existing mascots.

Often, a client has an idea about what they want. They need a designer to flesh out their thoughts.

We can riff on your mascot thoughts, create a dynamite graphic and bring the mascot graphic to life as a full sized mascot – a Brand Awareness Monster!

Design to Mascot

Hearing the ideas for a mascot and bringing those ideas to reality on paper is a rare talent.

Patriot_rev._2-20-08#3F9E86Our designer has that rare talent. He is the guy who really hears what people envision. He takes pencil to paper and translates a client’s thoughts into an image. I have seen him do it time after time!

As you can see from the drawings on this page, the images are part of the custom mascot experience. Approved images can be used on the web, signage, clothing.

The 1st job we worked together on was, “The Patriot”GMU Patriot for George Mason University.

Now, we are often working on several mascots at a time.

Last year, Nitro the Dragon, for Indianapolis’s new hockey team, the Fuel. A terrific mascot with a wonderful performer – who brings people into the arena and connects with the larger community outside the arena.


Sometimes an image needs to be adapted to like the Lowes Food – Kitchen Chicken. Lowes Foods already had a wonderful graphic. but it needed to be adapted to fit on a human and balance nicely on the performer.LowesFoodChicken

At AvantGarb, we’re with you soup to nuts – Pencil drawing to graphic image – Top of big, foam head to the soles of the big, big mascot shoes!

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