How much does a custom mascot cost?

Details Details Details!

Often the first question a client asks is, “How much does a custom mascot cost?”. It’s a good question because the answer will reveals so-o-o-o much.

Here at AvantGarb, we design and produce only custom-made, original mascots. Attention to the original, signature details is what makes a mascot GREAT! We pay attention to the details, and it’s all details.

We have been interacting with mascots all of our lives- at the ballpark, in theme parks, at events and on television. We have an educated eye for mascots. We all know a great mascot when we see one.

Custom mascot are, indeed, custom-made. 

If you need a mascot design, we collaborate with you on the design. We draw from your vision, create a dynamite graphic and bring the mascot graphic to life as a full sized mascot.

When you have approved the design, you will be able to use it as a marketing piece on the web, clothing, print, etc. It’s a really nice perk.

Then we will send you fabric, fuzz & fur samples for your approval.

Then the fun really begins —- we will start making the mascot:

We get out the kraft paper and the rulers and the curves to make the patterns.

There are hours that go into hand stitching with a curved needle, or placing the individual stripes on a tiger, or each pad on the paw of a bear.

We sculpt the head, get the tilt of the ear just right. We place the interior helmet and make sure the performer has good vision.

Alright already! How much does a mascot cost?

The 1st mascot takes close to a jillion hours to make. Additional ones take a little less time.

If you are buying one custom mascot costume, and you already have a graphic or aHewlett-Packard Knight drawing of the mascot, the cost will be $5,000 – $9,000. If you want something like a beer can mascot, that will be less. If you want a truck mascot with blinking lights and a remote controlled horn, costs may be more.

Cost depends on complexity of design, cost of materials and a whole list of variables we think of as the Mascot Ingredients

  • Does the fabric need to be custom-dyed?
  • Do you have a character that has unique pattern/print that has to be copied on a mascot-sized shirt. We can do that – and the pattern will be mascot-sized, too!
  • Do you want lights in the mascot?
  • Are there moving parts?

BuckyTheBuccanerDo you need us to design your mascot?

Cost for mascot design ranges from at $500 to $3000. Cost depends on how much design work we need to do:

  • If you already have a design, we may make teensy changes to make it wearable on a human
  • You may know you want a mascot, but aren’t sure what the mascot is.
  • Complexity of design.

Making changes to the mascot design?

The mascot design is not set in stone. We will work with you and your team on refinements & changes. Want bigger ears? A different color shirt? Sneakers instead of paws? It can all be done.

JJTrngCrppedAdditional Duplicate Mascot Costs

If you need additional duplicate custom mascot costumes, cost is usually somewhere between $4,000 – $8,000 each depending on how many duplicate mascots you order and complexity of the mascot.

Consider duplicate mascots if:

  1. Your mascot needs to be at 2 or 3 place at the same time.
  2. If you are using your mascot for extended periods of time with different performers.
  3. When there is an intense performance schedule – One mascot can be active while the other is getting cleaned or repaired.

…and there’s more!

We can create a vector file of the approved mascot design. The graphic design may be used on promo, signs, website and printed materials, clothing, plush toys, etc. It’s a nice little perk!

Lights? Action? Magic!

Does your mascot need lights and sound? Do the eyes need to move? Do the wings need to flutter? Does the nose need to wiggle? We can make that can happen.

Ready to start, give us a call: 317-423-2276

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