The Importance of Mascot Craftsmanship

Quality: It’s all in the Details! 

We get the importance of mascot craftsmanship. It is the foundation for all of our custom mascots. We consider every aspect of usage, image, merchandis-ability, wearabilty and approachability!

We craft everything:

  • Design the mascot
  • Sculpt the head
  • Paint the eyes, shape the nose and make really good mascot brows!
  • Make the bodies big and round, pumped-up and muscular, square, blobby, triangular – whatever shape is called for. We’re real body-builders!
  • Pattern mascot-sized clothes and accessories
  • Cobble big, mascot shoes
  • We have the best mascot milliner (hat-maker) in mascotdom
  • Custom – dye fabric and “muppet fleece”
  • …..and sew, sew, sew it all together

Our Mascot Costumes are:

  • Durable yet adorable.Sun City Tan
  • Larger than life yet approachable.
  • Colorful!
  • Maneuverable
  • A highly visible, enthusiastic goodwill ambassador.
  • Endowed with Real Mascot Soul!
  • Because that’s the way we make them!