Mascots for Law Enforcement

trooper teddyThe first police mascot we made was Trooper Teddy for the Indiana State Police.

The State police put together a wonderful program. Trooper Teddy visits schools, is around when children were getting vaccinations and makes appearances at baseball games.

Troopers also carry small Trooper Teddy plushes in the trunks of their cars. When there is a distressed child at a police scene, the Trooper Teddy plush toys are a comfort to the child.

Trooper Teddy has been a constant for AvantGarb. The 1st one was made about 20 years ago. Since then we have made a few new Trooper Teddy mascots and we have repaired and maintained the mascots. The State Police have shown us what meaningful work the a mascot can do for law enforcement.


LEOtheLabDesignWhen we got a call from New Jersey Law Enforcement for

a mascot for their L.E.A.D (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) program. We were delighted.

Working with our designer, L.E.O. (Law Enforcement Officer) the Lab was born. The L.E.A.D Program is fairly new. What better way to promote it than with a mascot.

Law Enforcement mascots reach out easily and enthusiastically to the community.