Our Lovely Collaborators

We make sure that only the smartest, most competent, creative professionals assist us in serving the our fuzzy clients. Please visit them below to see how fabulous they are in their non-mascot worlds:

Pam Frazier [email protected] , Mascot Design Diva, Fraizer Designs 

Garry Chiluffo – [email protected], The Eye, Chilluffo Photography

Tom Sapp [email protected], Mascot Design Dude, Real Characters 

David Raymond, [email protected] Emperor of Fun & Mascot Drill Sergeant,

Raymond Entertainment Group

David Orr [email protected], Structure Savant, DAO Studios

 Laura McFarland [email protected] , Sew Wonderful, Sew Decorative Designs


….and the guy who keeps AvantGarb technologically in step. Stephen Cranfill, IT Apple Maestro, The Bionic Cat. Care and Feeding for the Apple technology in your home or office.

Carlos Sosa, Design Dude: [email protected]