Mascot Training for Mascot Performers

JJ Jumper - NCAA Official mascot

Well, Somebody’s gotta show these kids how to frolic about…

Look, being a mascot performer is— ohmygoodness— lotsa fun, sweaty, really hard work and a big responsibility. Sometimes mascots may seem goofy, clueless and a titch obnoxious. It’s all part of their charm.

PhanaticHere at AvantGarb, we will give you the performing basics, however… For serious mascot training, we will connect you with the real pros—the guyz who have walked the walk and perfected the wiggle inside big, fuzzy mascots. They work with performers to stay safe and avoid injuries to themselves and to others.

Our mascot trainers have worked for the pros. They have created the personality and moves for the best known mascot characters in the country.

Get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with the best!

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