A Mascot Maker's Musings:

Fat suit

Mascot Fatsuits

Do I Look Fat? There are many, many fat mascots, but there are very, very few fat mascot performers. Mascot performing is an athletic and — well —a theatrical profession. Here in Mascotland, we make many fatsuits. They are the “underwear” … Continue reading 

2 Close-up trees - Holiday Costume Rentables

2 Trees – Holiday Costume Rentables

2 Trees Holiday Costume Rentables Well, there’s Santa and the elves and Rudolph, of course. They are dependable and recognizable and loved. ….and then there are the Holiday Trees. They’re sparkly, have bling, and are already decorated. When a couple … Continue reading 


A Penguin Mascot with Style

Penguins already have style. Their daily wear is a tuxedo. Kona the Penguin adds zing to the traditional penguin garb. Kona is the mascot for Kona Ice. There are many details that make Kona a one-of-a kind. A Penguin’s Very Specific … Continue reading 

George Mason University's Gunston

How to update a mascot

It happens. A mascot that looked great several years ago, now looks old and feels old and looks out of date. As there are trends in fashion and car design, there are mascot trends, as well. Your mascot has started to … Continue reading 


Wally Wabash – Updated College Mascot

We got the call awhile ago from Wabash College. They wanted a new, updated, Wally Wabash mascot. Alumni of Wabash College sport the special Wabash College license plate – and that license plate has a wonderful drawing of Wally. AvantGarb … Continue reading 

BIG, Parade Puppets

BIG, BIG, Parade Puppets

They’re big, they’re beautiful and they’re  boisterous! They’re Giant (12 feet tall) Parade Puppets. They add pizzazz to parades and community gatherings. We first made parade puppets for the 500 Festival Parade in Indianapolis. They make appearances every year at a parade … Continue reading 

National Mascot Association logo

National Mascot Association

People often ask me if there is a mascot organizations. The answer is, “not really”. There are places where mascot people show up, to be part of the trade show scene. IFEA (International Festivals & Events), comes to mind. Or … Continue reading 

Mascot cleaning

Mascot Resolutions for 2013

At the New Year many make resolutions – join a gym, spiff up the wardrobe, take that vacation. The New Year is a good time to make Mascot Resolutions for 2013. This was brough home to me when I got … Continue reading 

Jennifer Q Smith with mascot hands

Biz, Blessings & a Martini

AvantGarb has been a growing, productive business for a really long time. I started AvantGarb in my Berkeley, California garage when my youngest daughter was about 3 months old. From the start, AvantGarb has been profitable and the dollars have … Continue reading