Rex the Dinosaur Mascot at Children’s Museums Conference

Rex - Children's Museum Rex, a rainbow-bellied Dinosaur will be schmoozing at Association of Children’s Museum Conference in Indianapolis – May 13 – 15 2015


The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’s mascot, Rex the Dinosaur, will be schmoozing with participants at the Association of Children’s Museum Conference starting on May 13th, here in Indy.

We are Avant Garb Inc. and we make custom mascots for teams, brands, and events  in the iconic Stutz Building in the heart of Indianapolis.

This will be G8 of the Rex mascots that AvantGarb has created fro the Children’s Museum.

The design has evolved over the years:

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has been brilliant in using Rex inside and outside of the Museum. Everyday, at closing time,  Rex leads a parade from the top of the museum, down the long ramp and out the door – a joyous and gentle way to empty out the museum.

To learn more about Rex, and the art of making mascots, reach out to the Mascot Mavens, at AvantGarb

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