9 Reasons to Get a Custom Mascot Costume

Why get a big bundle of fuzz and foam with a big head? 

1. Mascots are media magnets. No matter how good-looking and socially savvy your marketing people are, they will not get the attention a mascot gets by just showing up.

Rowdie - Veteran's Day

2. You posted a photo of your kid (or your mom, grandma, boyfriend, uncle) dancing with a mascot. You’re probably going to buy the product, go to the game, consider the college, attend the event.

3. You have an amazing, custom-made mascot. Your competition has a brochure. ‘Nuff said.

4. A mascot is a diplomat, your representative at events that matter in the community like parades, charitable runs, festival. You can probably name a dozen event where a mascot’s presence would enhance your brand.

Griff – Griffins Hockey

5. When a mascot shows up, everyone knows they’re gonna have fun.

6. …and there’s mascot merchandising. Get bobbleheads, plushes, hoodies, caps.Mascot Merchandising -bobble heads & plushesMarketing and the revenue pool is much bigger than just the mascot. When people wear your image – or sleep with your mascot —I mean the snuggly, plush toy of your mascot!!!! —-you have made a lasting bond.

7. Mascots are the true, real life, totally interactive social media.

8. Mascots are Brand Awareness Monsters.

9.  Mascots promote goodwill for your brand because they bring people together in a community around the mascot. It’s a kind of accidental Flash Mob community. Mascots are the true warm fuzzies of marketing.

 Join the fun!  Let’s talk about your mascot.

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4 thoughts on “9 Reasons to Get a Custom Mascot Costume

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the blogs. We’re huge mascot enthusiasts, of course. I kinda, sorts believe mascots could bring world peace. Come back often!

      Your Mascot Maven, Jennifer

    • Thanks! We adore mascots. There are very few reasons not to have a mascot and many more than 9 reasons to have a mascot!

      Cheers! Jennifer – Queen of Fuzz!

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