Meet The Queen of Fuzz & the Mascot Mavens – A Mascot Maker’s Photo Album

We’re a pretty adorable crew. We’ve made mascots for ever. The gaggle of mascot makers at AvantGarb are loaded with talent. That’s  Annie at the top of the page. She’s sitting on her favorite high-heeled shoe chair to attach a wheel to a truck mascot. She’s one of the Magnificent Mascot Mavens.

I head the crew. I call myself the OEO – the Only Executive Officer. On my biz cards I’m the Queen of Fuzz. Both are self proclaimed titles. I started Avant Garb in my Berkeley, CA garage in 1986. Mascots were just inching their way into the culture. They were so new, I had to invent ways to make them. We’re still inventing.

Annie is the studio manager, and she’s in charge of shoes & accessories – in Mascotland, tails are accessories. She’s also my daughter. She has been hanging around mascots since she was a toddler.

Mike’s background is puppets, video & the over-head projector – yes, really! In his hands it’s an art form & it’s hilarious! Turns out those are great skills to have in mascotland!

Tonie was on the Phantom of the Opera Costume Road Crew for a year.Fat suitShe also grew up in costume shops. Her mother was a designer. She knows how to put all the foam, fuzz & fabric together & she can pull off a fatsuit! That’s Laura, making sure the fit is perfect!

David is our lights, robotics & sound guy. If the mascot needs some sort of battery & sequential lights or some moving part that needs to be manipulated remotely, we call him in to help.

Need a custom mascot? Get in touch with the Mascot mavens at AvantGarb

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