Mascots are Brand Awareness Monsters

We call mascots Brand Awareness Monsters. They are BIG, somewhat unmanageable, but also fun and exciting.

Lives change in the presence of a mascot:

Victor E Bull the mascot for U. Buffalo
  • Say you’re looking at a couple of schools. Both are terrific schools. at one school, the mascot shows up to greet the potential students. You take a selfie with the mascot and go to the bookstore to pick up a plush of the mascot. You’re already invested in the school culture.
  • Or you’re at a sporting event and turn to the person next to you and say “Holy cow! I love that”  and that comment leads to a new romance or a lifelong friendship.

Both scenarios are monster events. Something BIG happened because a mascot was present.

BIG, Somewhat Unmanageable & Fun

You’ve probably seen the Geico Gecko. The mascot is a Brand Awareness Monster for GEICO. The Geico Gecko has brought big, somewhat unmanageable attention to their brand and it’s been really fun and exciting, too.

Many have switched to the brand because they like the mascot.

We all know, Disney uses mascots brilliantly. Who doesn’t recognize Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald. They have lead million to Disney parks, theater, movies and products.

Mascots are powerful. They represent the brand’s true desire interact with their community.

Community is formed around mascots. That’s good for the brand, the team, the school and the world.

Thinking about getting a Brand Awareness Monster?

We’ve been making mascots since before they were a “thing”. Let’s connect!

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