Cleveland Cavalier Mascot – Sir CC

Cleveland Cavalier - Sir CC

When  the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to add to their mascot mix in 2010, we got the call.

SirCC is a big, swaggering Cavalier. The Cavs wanted a mascot with a big headQuote button and big muscles. In collaboration with the Cavs, our brilliant designer came up with the design. Concepts were rendered and tweaked. When the head was big enough, when the hat had enough flair, the muscles were brawny enough, the expression intense enough, and the sword long enough, we went to work bringing Sir CC to life…and what a great, swaggering mascot he is.

Sir C.C. Changes

Sir C.C.Tattoo - Cleveland CavsSir C.C. has changed a bit since the start. He now has wonderful muscles and a tattoo. His head and hat are slightly smaller, so he can be more athletic.

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