Mascot Design:

Valdar the VikingDelmar College

Mascot Concept to Mascot Design

It always starts with the mascot design. Without a good design the mascot makers are lost. The design is how we navigate our way.

Often, a client has an idea about what they want. They need a designer to flesh out their thoughts.

Design to Mascot

Hearing the ideas for a mascot and bringing those ideas to reality on paper is a rare talent.

Our designer has that rare talent. He is the guy who really hears what people envision. He takes pencil to paper and translates a client’s thoughts into an image.

…and we will make that image into a file that may be used online, on signage, print, clothing, promo items, etc.

Mascot Design to Mascot Costume

PJ Panda - Children's Hospital At Saint FrancisWe will riff on your mascot thoughts, create a dynamite graphic and bring the mascot design to life as a full sized mascot – a Brand Awareness Monster!

Here’s the design and the mascot, PJ Panda the mascot costume for Saint Francis Children’s Hospital

Nitro Brings Fans to the Stands!

Here’s Nitro, the mascot for the Fuel Hockey in Indianapolis. When the team was introduced, Nitro was there. He was also everywhere else in town. He was the #1 fan. He is the most ardent fan and he has the cutest, little wings in hockey!

Nitro brings fans to the stands!

Need a mascot for your school? Team? Event? Product? Do-Good Org? Store?

At AvantGarb, we’re with you soup to nuts. We start with pencil to paper. From the drawings, a few sketches are chosen —then — in collaboration with you, the mascot design gets refined and color is added.

At the end of the design process, you will have a clean, clear, graphic, mascot design – From the top of big, foam head to the soles of the big mascot shoes!

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