Kona the Penguin

Penguins already have style. Their daily wear is a tuxedo.

Kona the Penguin adds zing to the traditional penguin garb. Kona is the mascot for Kona Ice. There are many details that make Kona a one-of-a kind.

A Penguin’s Very Specific Needs:

Kona Ice Penguin Mascot

  • The pattern on the Hawaiian shirt is unique to Kona. We had the pattern enlarged and printed on fabric.
  • The lei around Kona’s neck had to be the same VERY BIG scale as the really larger-than-life Penguin – it, too, was designed and created in our studio.Kona's Flip Flops
  • …and ohmygoodness, Kona’s flip-flops! When I saw the flipflops, I knew I was in love with the Penguin

The Kona Ice Experience

Shaved Ice, The Kona Ice Truck way, is an experience. The Kona Ice people wanted us to have the full Kona Experience. They had a Kona Ice Truck show up at the loading dock in the Stutz Building – where we have the mascot studio. We all indulged in a shaved-ice experience really an extravaganza —okay, a spur-of-the-moment party. That’s what happens when a Kona Ice truck is in the neighborhood!

Kona Ice Truck @ StutzFor about an hour, it didn’t feel like a cold, November day, It felt like a sunny, tropical day. Jimmy Bufffet was singing through the speakers on the truck, and we were mixing delicious, colorful, shaved ice concoctions.

We worked closely with the Kona creative staff while we were making the mascot. the collaboration was fruitful ….and delicious!