Library Mascot

A New Book Mascot for the Indianapolis Library

The Indy Library wanted to update the mascot. They wanted the big book to be a bit smaller so it could be more easily transported —and they wanted a few other changes.

The Library had a book mascot, named Booker, for about 20 years – it had been remade and duplicated a few times over those 20 years. Booker was always a popular mascot.

We designed a thoroughly modern book.

New Colors for Booker the Book

The original Booker was made from the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. The Library wanted this one to use some of the other colors now used in the Library’s logo.

They opted for spring green, aqua and orange.Quote button

Booker is a very jazzy book!

Mascot shoesBooker has some pretty swell shoes and a nice hairdo, as well!

What do you think of the new library mascot?




Playing “runway” w/ the book cover