A Helmet w/ Horns and a Beard – The Delmar College Viking

Here’s Valdar the Viking for Delmar College in Corpus Christi, TX,

Boy oh boy, were we delighted when we saw the design for this guy. A little guy with a BIG yellow beard and a Big-Horned helmet.

He’s a big hit at Delmar College! Check out Valdar the Viking on his Facebook page!

A glowing recommendation:

I’m very happy to tell you that the Viking costume you made for us has gone on to perform outstandingly. Our Viking (now named Valdar) has become part of the fabric (haha; I bet you’ve never heard that one before) of campus life and an important part of everything we do, from Commencement ceremonies to fundraising events, to major announcements and everything in between.  He even has his own Facebook presence: https://www.facebook.com/DMCViking

In fact, he’s getting so much use that our Student Leadership and Campus Life office is looking into having another head constructed for the costume, with identical specs as the original.

Jimmy “Jay” Knioum, Jr.
Associate Director of College Relations

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