A Panda Mascot for a Children’s Hospital – PJ Panda

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis wanted a Panda Mascot

Everything about this PJ Panda works. There’s the jolly joy in the expression and a kind of all around generosity that the Panda mascot exudes. The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis has used a wonderful panda bear image for their hospital.They wanted a Panda Bear mascot that embodied the good-heartedness of the Panda Bear image they were already using

We got to work, designing the  PJ Panda mascot.

We tried a few different noses and expressions. Saint Francis had some definite ideas about the clothes, the color of the shirt & the big, magnificent , Panda-sized stethoscope.

The fuzz, fur and foam

Once the design was done, we started sculpting the head and making patterns for the body & the clothes. The fuzz , fur and foam started flying in the mascot studio.

We kinda have a thing for the mascot shoes. Check them out!

Panda Perfection

PJ Panda is Panda Perfection to this mascot makers eye’s.

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