Updating an Iconic Mascot Costume – Victor E. Bull Mascot – SUNY at Buffalo – UB

Updating an Iconic Mascot Costume

Victor E, Bull is an iconic mascot costume. He represents the powerful University at Buffalo (UB). We were delighted when the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo reached out to us. They wanted a new mascot costume.  This time with a few subtle changes.   We were delighted to oblige and started on the mascot design, right away.

He looks like he went to a fabulous mascot boot camp and emerged with a finer body, a more defined look and he lost his nose ring.

Making Victor E. Bull

We sculpted the head, painted the eyes, got just the right curve for the horns and secured them to the head. We dyed the fabric for the nose, formed the teeth and covered the head with blue fur.

At right is Phil, one of the mascot makers, cutting out Victor’s blue fur. We designed and made patterns for the body, as well as for Victor’s awesome muscles.

It was exciting bringing an updated UB mascot costume to life.

He’s a strong, powerful mascot, representing a strong, powerful school.Quote button

Check him out! Victor E. Bull is a cool mascot!

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