Mascot Marketing Strategy

 Mascots bring your business to life!

When consumers see that you—in the form of your mascot—live, breathe and move, you will be much more desirable than your cold, hard competitors.  It’s just the lively edge you could use in your marketing mix. Mascots bring your business to life!

We call it ROL – Return on Loyalty

Mascots keep the home fires burning

Teams know how essential a mascot is. A mascot is a teams most ardent fan. Coaches and players may come and go, but a mascot is always there to represent the team. At Times, the mascot is the only representative of the team. Mascots keep the home fires burning.

This is also true of product and event mascots. The TiVo mascot goes to the Sundance Festival to rub shoulders – or in the case of TiVo, rub antenna to shoulder – with current and future customers.

Mascots make a statement by being at events. When a company sponsors an event, like a marathon, it is the presence of the mascot at that event that re-enforces the connection of event with sponsor —and It is the mascot that shows up in selfies all over social media.

…and when people take pictures of their friends and family with your mascot—-that is a vibrant marketing moment.

Mascots are an important addition to your bottom line!

Those within the mascot’s orbit, are part of the community that mascot represents. The mascot plays a diplomatic role for the teams, products, or events they represent. When people are around the mascot, interacting with the mascot, chatting with others about the mascot, they become part of the inner circle. They are joined with the mascot and all that they represent through their heart, their sense of community, their commonality.

….and then, of course, there are all of the mascot merchandising opportunities.

Think about all of the people who have had the Disney experience, leaving with mouse ears, shirts, 4 fingered mouse hands, hats, stuffed toys, candy, bags – the list is long. People want to have a tangible piece, a touchstone, for that particular memorable time – a souvenir (it means remembrance in French).

The dilemma of a mascot marketing strategy is that the mascot benefit is intangible.

But so is excellent customer service, attractive packaging and product placement on tv & movies. These are all marketing essentials that lead people to purchase the product, go to the game, participate in the event, buy the product and encourage students to enroll in the school

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