Mascotology: The Science of Mascot Design

The thing about mascots is this – an actual human being has to be inside the mascot costume AND – let us repeat that – AND be able to do things like dunk a basketball, ride a bike, shake hands with or hug children, run, and much more. Mascotology, it’s the science of mascot design.

J.J. Jumper – Official Mascot for the NCAA

We are experts at detail— the shape of the nose, color of the eyes, tilt of the ears, and size and shape of the feet and body are ALL important.  Each part of the body is specially formed to help the mascot be itself.

JazzykissMascotology: It’s About Business—Big, Fuzzy, Branded Business

Like our mascots, we’re flexible.  If you don’t like the look of muppet fleece, we can provide other options.  We can incorporate your logos, colors, staple products, and more into the mascot design.  If your mascot needs to roller skate or do back handsprings, we’ll make it possible -if, that is IF, the performer has the ability to do crazy things like handstands.  We’re here to make your mascot work for you.

So the person in the costume must be able to easily see, breathe, and move.  That’s where mascotology comes in. We don’t use cookie-cutter designs to craft our mascot costumes.  Each mascot is custom-made in AvantGarb’s studio using unique design concepts, colors, shapes, fabrics, foams, and clothing with the mascot’s actions and audience in mind.

Our construction style is designed to allow the performer’s personality to come through. The materials — mainly fabric, fur and foam — facilitate easy movement and create an appealing look and feel.  We provide good vision and ventilation so the character can comfortably interact with its audience and safely maneuver through a crowd.

We strictly adhere to the mascot maker’s formula of element:



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