Mascot Design:

Valdar the VikingDelmar College


Mascot Concept to Mascot Design


At AvantGarb, we’re with you soup to nuts. We start with pencil to paper. From the drawings, a few sketches are chosen —then — in collaboration with you, the mascot design gets refined and color is added.  At the end of the design process, you will have a clean, clear, graphic, mascot design – From the top of big, foam head to the soles of the big mascot shoes!

It always starts with the mascot design. Without a good design the mascot makers are lost. The design is how we navigate our way.

Often, a client has an idea about what they want. They need a designer to flesh out their thoughts.

Design to Mascot

Hearing the ideas for a mascot and bringing those ideas to reality on paper is a rare talent.

Our designer has that rare talent. He is the guy who really hears what people envision. He takes pencil to paper and translates a client’s thoughts into an image.

…and, if you wish, we will make that image into a file that may be used online, on signage, print, clothing, promo items, etc.

Mascot Design to Mascot Costume

We will riff on your mascot thoughts, create a dynamite graphic and bring the mascot design to life as a full sized mascot – a Brand Awareness Monster!

Here’s the design and the mascot, Rosie Roo the mascot costume for MHS


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Sometimes an image needs to be adapted to like the Lowes Food – Cooper the Chicken. Lowes Foods already had a wonderful graphic. but it needed to be adapted to fit on a human and balance nicely on the performer.

Need a mascot for your school? Team? Event? Product? Do-Good Org? Store?

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