Max the Monarch – Manchester Monarchs Hockey Mascot

Max the Monarch, the mascot for Manchester Monarchs Hockey was the first mascot we made in our new studio at the Stutz Building, so Max is a special mascot for the Avant Garb Crew.MaxTheMonarch

The Monarch’s mascot performer flew in so we could do fittings. Mascot costumes are like haute-couture. They are often made for one particular person. We measure the shoulder width, waist, chest wrist fingers, finger width, inseam, outseam, armscye —we take well over 50 measurements.

Mascot performers are cool people. Their mascot costumes should be cool, too – in temperature and attitude.

The designers in the studio always try to get as much ventilation as possible in the mascot bodies and the head. Max has jersey mesh from his shoulders to his upper thigh.The fans would never know it. When he has his hockey togs on he looks like a buff, handsome, muscular Monarch – which, of course, he is.

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