Birth of a Mascot

Lucky the Beaver - Portland Beaver's mascot

The AAA Portland Beavers,  Lucky the Beaver

Take a peek into the process of how a mascot comes to be a living marketing tool! The Birth of a Mascot!

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It takes about a jillion hours to design and build a custom,

one-of-a-kind mascot.

  • First our designer generates a graphic design that works for you.
  • Then we put together a package with fabrics, plush furs, and technique samples for you to look at and feel before we start constructing the mascot.
  • Then we collect all of the approved fabrics and furs and fuzz and custom dye some ‘muppet fleece”
  • We make patterns and cut patterns for the body, mascot clothing, feet, head, hands….well everything. we have teeniest patterns for eyebrows and huge pattens for big bellies and enormous clothes!
  • Everything gets sewn together
  • Fatsuit & muscles have to be made.
  • The head is sculpted.
  • A helmet is positioned and secured in the head
  • The eyes are painted
  • ….and then there is sculpting the shoes & feet, making the foot innard,
  • ….oh yeah and the paws/hand/gloves.

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