Shelly the Oyster Mascot, An Oyster with Style, Verve & a Mission

An Oyster with a Mission

The people at Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) have big hearts for oysters. Oysters need the right conditions to thrive & make baby oysters. The Oyster Recovery Partnership works to make the Chesapeake Bay a fertile place for oysters. We made them an Oyster mascot, named Shelly, who helps get the message for oyster health out. Shelly is a mascot with a mission.

An Oyster Mascot with Style

ORP already had a terrific drawing of Shelly, an oyster with a fashionable, fringe of orange seaweed.

What color is an Oyster?

Oysters are beige-ish, grey-ish, taupe-ish, white-ish.

We custom-dyed the “muppet-fleece” that covers the stiff, foam shell. to get the right shade, we made many, many color swatches. With advice from the experienced oyster people at OPR, we all decided on a nice grey. We made stitching details that were air brushed for good, oyster shell definition.

Shelly the Oyster is an oyster with style & verve. An enthusiastic advocate for oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.


©Jennifer Smith 2017