Pharmaceutical Mascots – Body Parts


A Pancreas, A Muscle and a Couple of Cholesterols

In making mascots, I have gotten an education. I’ve learned a bit of science from the pharmaceutical mascots we’ve made. The ones pictured here are the Body Parts.

There is a diabetes medication, Actos. In their marketing pieces, they had some characters called, the Body Parts – a pancreas, a muscle, a triglyceride and an HDL cholesterol. We were asked to bring them to life.

These pharmaceutical mascots traveled to trade shows, There have been beanie babies, mugs, and mouse pads of the Body Parts, and people have had their photos taken with the them – that’s me with the BodyParts at the top of the page. Really, who wouldn’t want their photo with them?

By having these fabulous mascots, the Actos people got to interact with current and future clients a few times. They would come the trade show booth, gather information and get their photo with the body parts. They would return to pick up the photo in a nice folder frame.

With the photo opportunity, the Actos people had meaningful and dynamic interaction the trade show attendees a few time.

Mascots are relationship builders.

Do you want to build memorable relationships with your clients?

Get a mascot!

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