Professional Mascot Makers

Some mascots are made in mascot studios, others in mascot factories.

We’re the studio. We draft the patterns, sculpt the heads, pick out the furs, fabric and foams, then we stitch it all together. That’s what makes us professional mascot makers. We have years of experience, We know how to bring all of the parts together to make a dynamic, compelling mascot.


Started in a Garage in Berkeley

AvantGarb began life in 1987 in Jennifer Q Smith’s Berkeley, California garage.

The first mascot we made was a big Chocolate Chip Cookie for a teensy cookie company in Berkeley. The second mascot we made was an astronaut for a giant tech company – Hewlett-Packard.

Out of the Garage

Long ago, we grew out of the garage and moved to sport-centric Indianapolis.

We now have:

  • lots of square feet,
  • bunches of  sewing machines – one of them a treadle,
  • giant work tables on wheels,
  • rolls and rolls of fuzz, fabric and foam
  • and a small gang of brilliant mascot makers, know as the Mascot Mavens

Besides Honorary Degrees in Silliness and Non-Specific Engineering, our creative team blends skills in costume design, theater, cabaret, puppetry, and pattern drafting. And we have master stitchers who courageously stitch thru foam, fur, fabric & fleece Quote button

Our raison d’etre at AvantGarb is the creation of character. We’ll work with you to strengthen your business and community ties through costume and character.

Laura w/ muscled mascot arms