Rex – Children’s Museum mascot

He’s BIG! He barely fits in the picture frame! REX!

Rex the Dinosaur is well loved. He has a rainbow striped belly and a gravity defying tail. He’s a BIG, green, joyous presence at the world’s largest children’s museum, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis,

G1, G2, G3, G4, G5 & G6!

We have completed G6 of the Rex mascot for the Children’s Museum. It has been a long, enduring relationship.

Rex is a stand out. He’s colorful, his tail has great movement when he walks – what’s not to like?

Interior Mascot Engineering

While he looks great on the outside, the interior engineering is a thing of wonder. There is an interior structure that holds up the tail, hoops to stabilize the belly, and of course much, much more than that. We use ventilated foam, custom dyed, “muppet fleece” and colorful, beaded mesh, that look decorative, and it gives the performer added ventilation. It takes a lot of interior engineering.

Rex’s End-of-Day Parade

Every afternoon there is a Rex Parade about 15 minutes before closing. Children wave flags and follow Rex right out of the museum. It’s a kind, and really fun way to lead the children & families out of the museum.

Many children just want to go to the museum for the REX Parade!