TiVo in Greenwich Village - NYC
Mascot Case Study: TIVO

Several years ago, I saw a photo of TiVo’s CEO. He had a little stuffed
TiVo on his desk. Everything about the TiVo character is right. I called TiVo to talk to them about a mascot. Turned out, the people at TiVo were already thinking about a mascot.

TiVo is part of people’s lives, in their homes. When you’re out and about, you can spot TiVo taking in the scene, as well.



  •  Go to SXSW, TiVo’s there
  • TiVo hangs out in Greenwich Village in NYC,
  • runs around the the infield in Boston,
  • goes to Sundance to take in some films
  • …and TiVo goes to Vegas – to the CES show, the wax museum, Hoover dam —-and, of course the casino!


The TiVo mascot has evolved through time.We had to invent & engineer joiners for the TiVo antenna. TiVo travels and the antenna have to come off for shipping and go on for appearances. It has to be an easy on & off.

“TiVo is a Rock Star! Whenever TiVo® makes an appearance people flock to it!  The mascot is a marvelous representative for TiVo–Tivo is fun, modern, lovable and….well…..a star amongst mascots!”

TiVo mascot - inner structure



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