A Mascot Maker's Musings:


Happy Holidays from AvantGarb!

The Holidays are here, by golly  We’ll deck the halls with bunches of holly and dress in holiday garb!   We’ll warm the hearth. And wish for peace on earth, and , of course, goodwill to all. xoxo the Jolly Gang at AvantGarb   … Continue reading 

Green mascots - AvantGarb

Wildly Generous Mascots

Be Generous! Mascots are wildly generous. We have learned a thing or 2 about generosity and charitable giving from mascots! We make wonderful big mascot heads and bodies. It’s a joyous business. We try to spread the joy by donating to some cool, do-good … Continue reading 

Herd of Mascots

How much does a custom mascot cost?

This is, of course, one of the first questions people ask when seeking to purchase a custom mascot costume. It’s a hard question to answer, there are many variables. However, I’ll try. Single Mascot Costs If you are buying one custom … Continue reading 

Rowdie - veteran's dat

9 Reasons to get a Custom Mascot

Why get a big bundle of fuzz and foam with a big head?  1. Mascots are media magnets. No matter how good-looking and socially savvy your marketing people are, they will not get the attention a mascot gets by just … Continue reading 


Mascot Eyes

We spend a lot of time focusing mascot eyes, so this article in the New York Times about eye contact with characters caught my eye. Here’s a quote from it: “There’s the notion that your relationship with a brand should be like … Continue reading 

JJ Jumper - NCAA Official mascot

Signature Mascots / Custom Characters

AvantGarb designs & creates Signature Mascots or custom mascots characters. They are mascots that represent a team, school, event, product —even an idea. Each of the mascots is unique. We’re a small company of artists, designers and craft people. Our raison … Continue reading 

George Mason University's Gunston

How to update a mascot

It happens. A mascot that looked great several years ago, now looks old and feels old and looks out of date. As there are trends in fashion and car design, there are mascot trends, as well. Your mascot has started to … Continue reading 

Red Mascot Shoe

Making Mascot Shoes

  Mascot shoes are gems. They are our Jimmy Choos At AvantGarb we understands the physics & engineering of a mascot shoe. We make Mascot Choos!!!