A Mascot Maker's Musings:

Making Mascot Shoes

Mascot shoes are gems.   Your mascot will be able to walk, run, jump and twirl. We employ the best shoemaker in mascotdom.The shoes are sculpted foam covered in fabric and/or leather. The performer’s own shoes are secured firmly into the … Continue reading 

George Mason University's Gunston

Introducing & Updating a New Mascot

What not to do It was a fiasco when a large, midwest university decided to update their very distinctive mascot. The mascot is an esteemed mascot in the university culture. He has a distinctive look. The new mascot was introduced at the … Continue reading 

Mascot Fabulousness – Bucky the Buccaneer

There is a moment, when sculpting a big mascot head, or designing hugely, fabulous mascot clothes when I feel the mascot coming to life. For Bucky the Buccaneer, a mascot we made for Barry University, it was when we were making his fabulous, Buccaneer coat. … Continue reading 

The Queen of Fuzz Talks About Mascots

Jennifer Smith interview  – for Indiana’s Got Talent blog Jennifer Q Smith is the Queen of Fuzz at Avant Garb, a company that designs and builds mascots for teams, universities and corporations throughout the country. She has been making, wearing and … Continue reading 

Green mascots - AvantGarb

What is Mascots 101?

It’s far from a common purchase. It’s so uncommon, people don’t have the language for ordering a custom mascot. If you’re thinking about a mascot, but don’t know where to start, AvantGarb’s  Mascots 101  is for you. It has answers to many … Continue reading 

Falling in Love with Mascots

  Sometimes creation just buzzes along at AvantGarb. We have enough of the right foam to build the mascot body, we have plenty of the right kind of helmets to put inside the mascot heads, we have plenty of fur, the right … Continue reading 

National Mascot Association

There are a lot of mascots running around, but there’s no central spot where mascot people can check in and come together… ….That is, until now! INTRODUCING THE NATIONAL MASCOT ASSOCIATION At AvantGarb, we are big fans of everything mascot. All … Continue reading 

Rowdie - veteran's dat

9 Reasons to get a Custom Mascot

Why get a big bundle of fuzz and foam with a big head?  1. Mascots are media magnets. No matter how good-looking and socially savvy your marketing people are, they will not get the attention a mascot gets by just … Continue reading 

With Mascots is it ROI or ROL?

We are all looking for the Return on Investment (ROI). While there are there are ways to measure ROI, the mascot is rarely understood as a factor. The mascot falls into that great unknown category called, “other”. Rather than look at … Continue reading