A Mascot Maker's Musings:

The Tiger - Savannah State University

Mascot Medal of Appreciation

Sometimes you have to show your mascot some love! All of the graduating cheerleaders were getting medals of appreciation on Senior Night at Savannah State University. The cheerleading coach wanted to give the Tiger a medal of appreciation, too. We got … Continue reading 

NCAA logo

NCAA Mascot Rankings 2013

Oh yeah! NCAA March Madness mascot rankings – Check out # 13 the Patriot – Geo Mason U. One of AvantGarb’s http://ow.ly/4fd6y   Do you need a mascot for your school? Let’s connect.  

JJ Jumper - NCAA Official mascot

Signature Mascots / Custom Characters

AvantGarb designs & creates Signature Mascots or custom mascots characters. They are mascots that represent a team, school, event, product —even an idea. Each of the mascots is unique. We’re a small company of artists, designers and craft people. Our raison … Continue reading 

Red Mascot Shoe

Making Mascot Shoes

  Mascot shoes are gems. They are our Jimmy Choos At AvantGarb we understands the physics & engineering of a mascot shoe. We make Mascot Choos!!!      


Best Custom Mascot Companies

We are mascot making mavens. That said, we would have to be hugely self-centered, if we didn’t admit that there are other mascot companies that make wonderful mascots, as well. What follows is a list of some of the best custom mascot … Continue reading 

Rowdie - veteran's dat

10 Reasons to get a Custom Mascot

Why get a big bundle of fuzz and foam with a big head?  1. Mascots are media magnets. No matter how good-looking and socially savvy your marketing people are, they will not get the attention a mascot gets by just … Continue reading 

GMU's Gunston mascot w/ kids

Mascots & Community

Where does community spontaneously happen? Where do we bump shoulders with strangers? Where do we just get silly! When we’re in the presence of a mascot, that’s where! The photo at the top of this page is of Gunston. Gunston … Continue reading 


Mascots on TV

There were multitudes of mascots —well, there were 2 mascots and me – and I am a bit mascot-ish, and Dick Wolfsie, from WISH TV, Channel 8. We were on a live remote for the morning show from AvantGarb’s mascot … Continue reading 

Green mascots - AvantGarb

How much does a custom mascot cost?

This is, of course, one of the first questions people ask when seeking to purchase a custom mascot costume. It’s a hard question to answer, there are many variables. However, I’ll try. Single Mascot Costs If you are buying one custom … Continue reading 

Jenifer Q Smith - Queen of Fuzz - AvantGarb mascot Makers

Talking About Mascots with David Boyer

Jennifer Smith interview  - 2013  - for Indiana’s Got Talent blog Jennifer Q Smith is the Queen of Fuzz at Avant Garb, a company that designs and builds mascots for teams, universities and corporations throughout the country. She has been making, wearing … Continue reading