A Mascot Maker's Musings:

A Grocery Bag Mascot for Kroger

A Grocery Bag Mascot The Kroger Grocery Bag Mascot was a delicious project! The Bag is named, “Big K”. He’s a bounitiful Bag w/ a nice bowtie & a bevy of glorious groceries. We designed the Kroger products to have … Continue reading 

Mascot Fabulousness – Bucky the Buccaneer

There is a moment, when sculpting a big mascot head, or designing hugely, fabulous mascot clothes when I feel the mascot coming to life. For Bucky the Buccaneer, a mascot we made for Barry University, it was when we were making his fabulous, Buccaneer coat. … Continue reading 

A Soybean Mascot named Bennie the Bean

  Big Agriculture, Big Soybean Mascot There have been many generations of Bennie the Bean, the soybean mascot for the Indiana Soybean Alliance. This is the latest one. Soybeans are big agriculture in Indiana and Bennie the Bean is a … Continue reading 

Making Mascot Shoes

Mascot shoes are gems.   Your mascot will be able to walk, run, jump and twirl. We employ the best shoemaker in mascotdom.The shoes are sculpted foam covered in fabric and/or leather. The performer’s own shoes are secured firmly into the … Continue reading 

A Library Mascot

A New Book Mascot for the Indianapolis Library                 The Indy Library wanted to update the mascot. They wanted the big book to be a bit smaller so it could be more easily transported … Continue reading 

Add a New Mascot to the Mascot Mix

With mascots, the more the merrier When one mascot shows up, you know you’re going to have fun. When more than one mascot shows up, it’s going to be a blast! Branded products, schools and teams add mascots, beyond the original mascot … Continue reading