A Mascot Maker's Musings:

SirCC w/ Tattoo

Mascot Muscles

Pumped up mascots! First Sir CC, the mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers, got the really fabulous muscles. Then he got the really cool tattoo. Making Mascot Muscles is an art. It takes astounding pattern drafting skills, super-hero sewing skills, a … Continue reading 

Ace the Adrian College Bull Dog

Brand Awareness Mascots

They are BIG, somewhat unmanageable, but also fun and exciting. We sometimes think of them as Brand Awareness Monsters. Think of mascots as enthusiastic community liaisons who represent your brand in very public places. Lives change in the presence of … Continue reading 

Making Mascot Shoes

Mascot shoes are gems.   When people come into our mascot studio, they love love love the mascot shoe we make.  over the mascot shoes. They are adorable, Our mascots shoes are gems. There is a lot of physics & … Continue reading 

Mascot Fabulousness – Bucky the Buccaneer

There is a moment, when sculpting a big mascot head, or designing hugely, fabulous mascot clothes when I feel the mascot coming to life. For Bucky the Buccaneer, a mascot we made for Barry University, it was when we were making his fabulous, Buccaneer coat. … Continue reading 

A Grocery Bag Mascot for Kroger

A Grocery Bag Mascot The Kroger Grocery Bag Mascot was a delicious project! The Bag is named, “Big K”. He’s a bounitiful Bag w/ a nice bowtie & a bevy of glorious groceries. We designed the Kroger products to have … Continue reading