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The Rescue Hero – Billy Blazes

Fisher-Price had some action heroes, The Rescue Heroes. They wanted a mascot of Billy Blazes – the fireman character for the rescue heroes. There was a big event planned for the Rescue Heroes at FAO Schwartz or Toys R Us.

billyblazestoyOur staff of mascot makers made the Billy Blazes mascot and sent it off. It must have been at the end of August 2001.The mascot was very popular —all of the  Rescue Heroes were very popular.


Then the planes flew into the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11. Billy Blazes became a symbol of faith and hope for young children in 2001. A popular action figure became a beacon of hope and bravery.


I have never had a mascot experience like the Billy Blazes experience. It was an honor to make the mascots. It was also a touching moment to work with Fisher-Price.

In working with and creating mascots for companies, organizations and teams, I get a sense of their true tenderness and goodwill.

In working with Fisher-Price in September of 2001, I came to know the soft, beating hearts that are at the core of all great companies.


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