A Mascot Maker's Musings:

The Best Mascot Company

Are we the best mascot company? We’re awfully good at what we do. We have to be. We’re not a mascot factory. We are a mascot studio. What we do is custom, custom, custom, custom. We make sure all of the … Continue reading 

JJ Jumper - NCAA Official mascot

Custom Mascots, Original Characters

    AvantGarb designs & creates custom mascots. They are mascots that represent a team, school, event, product —even an idea. Each character is an original. We’re a dynamic company of artists, designers and craft people. Our raison d’etre, our training … Continue reading 

Mascots and Diversity

A moose wandered onto Amherst’s grounds a few years ago and started a mascot movement. One might call it a revolution. Here’s the story. Schools are in intense conversation about what their school mascot says about diversity on campus. While reading Sunday’s New York … Continue reading 

Mascots that make a difference

When a mascot goes everywhere, the company has much more than a mascot. They have a mascot program. Then they have a mascot strategic marketing campaign. They have a mascot that makes a difference. When you have a mascot you love, … Continue reading 

Valentines Day in Mascot Land!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day xo the Queen of Fuzz, the Mascot Mavens & the Valentine Duck! ValentineDuck ( click here – there might be a hokey video)   ©Jennifer Smith 2018