Mascot Resolutions for 2013

Mascot cleaningAt the New Year many make resolutions – join a gym, spiff up the wardrobe, take that vacation. The New Year is a good time to make Mascot Resolutions for 2013.

This was brough home to me when I got an email from Dave Raymond, the Mascot Doctor. He got me thinking about resolutions for mascots and the mascot program.

Things to Consider When Making Mascot Resolutions

  • Do you feel like your missing out on community goodwill programs with your mascot?
  • Is the mascot revenue stream faltering?
  • Does your mascot look up to date? Like clothing and cars, mascots can look out-of-date.
  • Does your mascot need a good cleaning and fluffing?
  • Is it time to look at your mascot program’s strategic plan?
  • Are you thinking of enhancing your mascot program by adding another mascot?

Get in touch w/ AvantGarb. We will work with you on your Mascot Resolutions for 2013; mascot design, creation, production cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

….or we will connect with one of our Lovely Collaborators like, Dave, the Mascot Doctor and the original Phillie Phanatic  He will work with you to create a dynamic, mascot program.


We wish you health, happiness and wealth

Your mascot mavens at AvantGarb


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