Making a Horse Mascot – Hat-makers, Tailors & Cobblers

GrandDaddy@trackWhere are the hat-makers? the tailors? the cobblers?

They’re in the mascot studio, that’s where. Last week, all those skills were needed to bring a horse mascot to life.

We just finished a wonderful horse for Indiana Grand, Racing & Casino.  The horse is named, Grand Daddy, and boy, oh boy, he is GRAND.

We designed Grand Daddy with an eye for the details –the bits and pieces that give a mascot personality and pizzazz. Look at those yellow eyelids, the nostrils, and the perfectly right, fedora.

Grand Daddy - Indiana GrandAnnie, one of our brilliant hat-makers, figured out the angles and the curves of the hat, and

where to place the holes for the horse’s ears! Grand Daddy has a big heart. He has a pink hat, and vest, as well – Clothing he wears in October – Breast cancer Awareness month.

Ogle those boots. They’re made with lovely, grey leather – that’s cobbling, making shoes and boots —and that shirt, —or in the racing world, the silks — my oh my, a tailor would be proud.

As soon as the horse was finished, he raced out of the mascot studio and headed to the track side at Indiana Grand, where there was a grand family day.

Grand daddy Head/AnnieHere’s a photo taken on the fly, as it headed out the door – that’s Annie,  with a horse’s head!

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