Strategic Plan for your Mascot Program

A mascot program is more than putting an intern in a mascot and hoping for the best. Like all marketing programs, a strategic plan for your mascot program is essential. After all, mascots are the true warm fuzzies of marketing.

PhanaticAt AvantGarb, we do the design and creation the actual, physical mascot.

For imagining and implementing an intriguing, compelling, playful, and targeted mascot program/strategy/vision, we call on my friend and colleague, Dave Raymond, The Mascot Doctor.

Dave is the founder of modern mascoting.

Way back in the day, he was the one who gave the Phillie Phanatic attitude, vulnerability and a wonderful lovability — mixed with a wee bit of the really obnoxious. Dave is the guy who made the Phillie Phanatic human.

We spent 3 days with Dave and his crew, the Raymond Entertainment Group (REG), when they did mascot auditioning and  training for J.J. Jumper, the offiJJ Jumpercial mascot for the NCAA. I was impressed.

Mascot Strategy

As the Mascot Doctor, Raymond Entertainment has successfully shown clients how to:

  • raise awareness within their marketplace
  • promote their organization through entertainment.
  • deliver customized character-branding programs that are tailored to specific goals and resources.
  • The cast at Raymond Entertainment Group is a forward-thinking, ground-breaking, money-making fun machine!

Are you thinking about a mascot? Don’t know where to start?

Get in touch. We’ll make the connection happen.


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One thought on “Strategic Plan for your Mascot Program

  1. We love the Hippie Chick in Indianapolis! Absolutely loved your description of the Phanatic’s personality especially “mixed with a wee bit of the really obnoxious”! Brilliant stuff!!!
    We now have to go back and shrink Dave’s already humongous head!

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