Mascot Muscles

Sir C.C.Tattoo - Cleveland Cavs

Pumped up mascots!

SirCC w/ TattooFirst Sir CC, the mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers, got the really fabulous muscles. Then he got the really cool tattoo.

Making Mascot Muscles is an art. It takes astounding pattern drafting skills, super-hero sewing skills, a bunch of the right kind of foam – foam that can be washed in a washing machine and keep it’s shape.

At AvantGarb, we lo-o-o-o-ve making muscles and we love modeling our work, too

Here’s a huge muscle mascot arm & Wally Wabash, the mascot we made the arms for!

Wally Wabash Muscles/Laura


…and then there is Viktor the Viking for Niles Schools, a very handsome mascot.


….and an awfully strong bear named Brutus, for Bellevue University – his eyes light up.Brutus

Check out the video!

…and here’s a strong dog, LEO the Lab for Law Enforcement Against Drugs in NJ.

IMG_1959 Do you need a big, strong mascot, a mascot with muscles? for your school? organization? team? event? product? video game? We know how to make mascots with muscles!

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