Wally Wabash – Updated College Mascot

We got the call awhile ago from Wabash College. They wanted a new, updated, Wally Wabash mascot.

Alumni of Wabash College sport the special Wabash College license plate – and that license plate has a wonderful drawing of Wally.

AvantGarb is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve been seeing those plates for years and I have wanted AvantGarb to get a shot at the Wally Wabash mascot for a long time…..so, I was delighted when Wabash contacted us.

Our designer had designed Wally several years ago. When a new Wally was needed, we got the job!

Wally was a great mascot to create – muscular, big jawed, red & white striped overalls with kind of Elvis Presley-do….which means, the gang at the Garb got to make the striped fabric. Or more specifically, Wren Witting made the striped, overall fabric.…and we got to make big, muscular arms!

…and the mascot looked positively dreamy when we were finished.

…& look at those pockets!








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