Additional, Duplicate Mascots?

JJ Jumper - NCAA Official mascot

Why would you need 2 duplicatel mascots?

Mascots lead VERY busy social lives.

We made a bunch of identical mascots for the NCAA. J.J. Jumper is the official mascot for the NCAA. There are a lot of schools in the NCAA. J.J. needed to be at many, many schools, all over the country, at the same time.

It is their job to get out and bump shoulders with fans, students, customers, clients and the larger community. They will be at official events, at charitable functions and at sponsored events. They will be at conventions when new products are unveiled, at parties, mascot basketball games—well, wherever they need to be.

Often a mascot needs to be in 2 places at once.

Sometimes a mascot needs to be part of a long event. Performers need to rest and hydrate. While one performer is resting and re-hydrating, another performer can don a second, identical mascot costume and head out to bump shoulders with the fans.

Mascot costumes are worn hard. When one mascot is out of commission because it is getting cleaned and repaired, the back-up mascot costume can pick up the slack.

Think about getting a back-up mascot costume or 2.

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