Brand Mascots Stand Together As a United, Enduring Force

In the world of branded mascots, when the mascots stand together, they should appear as an enduring, united force.

Kellogg’s does it well with Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam & Snap Crackle & Pop mascots,  They even got together to speak out against bullying.

We make mascots for IUPUI (Indiana University,Purdue University in Indianapolis) mascots   when they stand together, they have force of personality. When all the IU mascots stand together, they should appear as that united, enduring force.

We also make Rufus, the mascot for IUEast, part of the Indiana University system of schools. When Rufus stands with the IUPUI mascots, they they all look equally strong

A mascot is an important marketing tool for schools. It is how people identify themselves, maintain school spirit.

The mascots in the IU system of schools look formidable. They send the same message of great education and strength. They are a force.

Branded mascots represent their specific school, cereal, restaurant, gizmo or gadget. When banded together they are a force of mascots, a troupe, a united front for the brand.

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